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Why Independent Coffee Is Better

Published on 24 September 2018  | Download | back to previous

Bridgend Location of Aroma Cafe

There are now more than 20,000 coffee shops in the U.K.  Around 6,500 of those are believed to be independent coffee shops. So why is it that independent coffee shops can thrive in a world dominated by large chain companies? We think it is because independent coffee is not only better, but the experience of visiting an independent coffee shop is more delightful, more personal, and therefore of a much higher standard than that of a high street chain.

Here are some key reasons why independent coffee is better than the high street chains…

Customer Service

Large companies struggle in matching an independent’s level of customer service as they have a larger focus on promoting their brand than they do on promoting customer service.  In chain stores, the atmosphere is often bland, for there is no need for staff to be pleasant to try and ensure customers return, as the reputable name of the business already draws people in.  

With a smaller number of shops and less staff, independent coffee shops instead rely heavily on returning customers and positive reviews, so they work incredibly hard on providing high-quality service to achieve this. When staff are friendly and show passion for their place of work and for the coffee that they serve, it makes an experience much more enjoyable for the customer.

Commitment to customer service and passion for quality is encouraging customers to become more discerning about where they go to drink and experience coffee; deterring them away from chains and allowing independent places to thrive.

Personal Experience

Chains provide a standardised, homogenised service that is the same throughout the country, unlike independents who go above and beyond to make customers feel relaxed in their environment; focusing on atmosphere, music and surrounding decoration.

A true local, independent coffee shop focuses on taking your order and bringing it directly to the table where you sit, allowing the customer to relax and enjoy their surroundings…instead of forcing them to be their own waiter.

People that have a regular independent coffee shop also know that after time, staff will even begin to know your name and usual coffee order, making you feel at one with the place you have opted to spend your time and money. The experience surrounding your coffee is just as important as the coffee itself, and this is something that independent places have definitely grasped.

Passion for Quality

The staff that work in chains often are instructed how to make coffee but are not taught about the history behind coffee or about the type of coffee used and why. In independent places, staff not only know where their coffee comes from, but they care about where it comes from. And if customers are interested, they are proud and willing to teach them too. Independent coffee shops do not only employ enthusiastic staff but are also run by people who are obsessive about the product and passionate about coffee. This passion for the coffee itself is directly transferred into the making of the product, hence the end result is of the highest quality.\

4.   Relaxed Quotas

In chain stores, there is always a set time on how long coffee should take, how many customers should be served in a day and how long each customer should have to wait before they are served. Whilst efficiency is often good, when it comes to coffee, the quality should be the priority rather than trying to rush the service.  In independent stores, quality of coffee is much better because they aren’t trying to serve long queues of customers quickly, so you can really take the time to get to know the preferred tastes of customers, and perfect the flavour of their coffee. 

For a perfectly irresistible cup of coffee from a reputable independent coffee shop, visit Aroma Café with locations in Bridgend and Cowbridge; where providing good customer service, ensuring a personal experience, and producing an outstanding quality product are the only priorities….well and serving really good food as well!


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